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Lateral nail fold [side skin]:
warts (virus).

Periungual warts are a terribly difficult form of wart
that affects the skin surrounding the nail.
The wart virus can get under the skin fold
(or the nail plate) and sometimes
the nail will become deformed.

Potential causes: Human papillomavirus (HPV);
alternatives: genital warts, cervical cancer.

Synonyms: periungal warts, subungual warts.

Treatment: Laser surgery, cryotherapy, salycilic acid;
early treatment prevents the onset of more
severe (nail) problems [source: Medscape].

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The eight basic components of the nail unit include:

1 - proximal nail fold; 2 - cuticle;
3 - lunula; 4 - nail plate; 5 - lateral nail folds; 6 - nail bed;
7 - hyponychium; 8 - free edge.

* NOTICE: The HandResearch Nail Tutor Tool is still in development. Currently this tool includes 57 nail disorders. The NAIL TUTOR tool is based on Medical Hand Analysis & Multi-Perspective Hand Reading, which e.g. implicates that one should keep in mind that any single nail abnormality should be expected to have an association with a range of potential causes!

The purpose of this tool is to assist you with identifying the nature of a fingernail disorder. The section fingernail disorders presents a more comprehensive overview of the most common fingernail abnormalities.