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Lateral nail fold [side skin]:
swelling (inflammation).

The swelling may relate to another nail problem
like for example: paronychia, ingrown nails
[source: Hooked On Nails].

Potential causes: often associated with other
nail problems; in case featured with 'red' skin it is
usually caused by nail biting or nail picking.

Synonym: paronychia, nail fold edema/oedema.

Treatment: 1) warm water soaks, 2) drainage of abscess.

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The eight basic components of the nail unit include:

1 - proximal nail fold; 2 - cuticle;
3 - lunula; 4 - nail plate; 5 - lateral nail folds; 6 - nail bed;
7 - hyponychium; 8 - free edge.

* NOTICE: The HandResearch Nail Tutor Tool is still in development. Currently this tool includes 57 nail disorders. The NAIL TUTOR tool is based on Medical Hand Analysis & Multi-Perspective Hand Reading, which e.g. implicates that one should keep in mind that any single nail abnormality should be expected to have an association with a range of potential causes!

The purpose of this tool is to assist you with identifying the nature of a fingernail disorder. The section fingernail disorders presents a more comprehensive overview of the most common fingernail abnormalities.